Making bread is an art

“A good baker knows how to mix ingredients and external factors such as humidity and temperature to obtain the best, to enhance taste and flavour as much as possible”



The ingredients to learn this art are: passion, commitment, time.
Salvatore Morelli discovered his vocation to make bread at the age of 13 when he started working for a small artisan bakery in Piazza Napoli in Milan, assigned to the simple task of turning the typical Milanese bulged shape white bread called rosetta or michetta.

The idea that from a few simple ingredients one could produce such an important food turned this work into an authentic passion.
In 1991 he purchased the bakery in Bareggio, slowly making it grow until it became an important reality not only in the neighbourhood, but also in the city of the EXPO: Milan.

From the bakery to the shops

The choice to accompany production with the direct sale to the public was a natural consequence of what happened while making bread.

“at the least expected hours youngsters coming out of discos turned up at the bakery to buy buns that had just come out of the oven or bit-size savoury pizzas.”

The first shops were therefore this one in Bareggio adjoining the bakery that has established special opening hours to continue meeting the needs of night wanderers and the one in Vittuone, Panipast 2. We have recently opened Panipast 3 in Pero.

Our retail outlets are managed by our sons who have inherited the family passion: a large variety of bakery products of excellent quality.

“the Jump”

 The important supplies of bread to Shopping centres

An opportunity too good to miss for people used to work with commitment arrived in the form of the interest shown by the large-scale retail trade.The first challenge towards growth was the supply to the “La Margherita” shopping centres, of which Panipast Bakery became the supplier of all its bakery products.

Subsequently these shopping centres were taken over by Conad who kept the best suppliers, among which Panipast.

The step from Conad to Coop was the natural continuation. The “Il Gigante” supermarkets also became Panipast customers after a memorable visit from the person in charge to our retail outlet in Bareggio.

Panipast’s management skills and the versatility of those that collaborate and produce, have proved themselves capable of dealing with the sudden growth in product demand.

Men, women, equipment, top quality ingredients.
Panipast has no secrets, it is the simple vocation to create with our experience, with our hands, a genuine product as ancient as the world.