Men and women, equipment, top quality ingredients.

Panipast has no secrets, it is the simple vocation to create with our experience, with our hands, a genuine product as ancient as the world.

The advantage of an artisan Product

A modern and well organized industrial bakery.

3000 kilograms of flour for the daily processing of bakery products, managed from the basic top quality ingredients, to the deliveries.

Our bread, packaged or fresh for store purchases, preserves its characteristics of artisan bread, thanks to the care with which it is processed and to the close inspection before it leaves the bakery.

The control of Tastiness

The quality control, or control of tastiness as we define it, has an extremely high standard: the presence of Salvatore Morelli both in supervising the processing and as a consumer of the finished product represents a guarantee of tastiness.

“From time to time the products are brought to our tables for the “palate” verdict, that is we are ourselves the first severe consumers of our bread and of our flour based products. The result is acknowledged by the personnel assigned to the following day’s production to obtain the best result”

The Equipment

Ours is an industrial bakery with a daily production capacity of over 3000 kilograms of flours. Technology assists us in meeting the requirements of the large-scale retail trade and of the canteens.

Ovens, kneading machines, shrink-wrappers, draw plates for tagliatelle (noodles), cutting machines and other small machinery are the co-protagonists of our daily work.

From the flours to the delivery of the finished product in all the areas of the city

A well-organized delivery system with eleven Mercedes vans and a refrigerated van for pastry products ensures the delivery service to shopping centres, canteens and hospitals throughout the city and in the Milanese hinterland.